Idol White Teeth Whitening Pen Review

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If you are someone with yellow or stained teeth a whitening kit such as Idol White could give you the celebrity smile that you have always wanted.

Idol White is a teeth whitening pen so there are no awkward mouth trays to wear or strips to apply to your teeth. Claimed as a more cost-effective whitening treatment versus going to the dentist, Idol White will give you the smile that you have always deserved.

To use this teeth whitening pen you simply brush your teeth first, then twist the Idol White pen to release the gel and apply to your teeth. This couldn’t be easier right?

The whitening gel applies in just a few seconds and will give you the professional results you have always wanted in the comfort of your own home. Idol White is made in the USA and is safe to use.

If you have stubborn yellow or dark stains on your teeth a whitening pen is a good first step to see how your teeth may respond to a Whitening Gel without having to fork over the cost of a custom gel mouthpiece.

Id0l White is currently running a special where if you order a 3 month supply of their teeth whitening pen they will give you an additional 3 month supply for free! So that’s a total of 6 months of teeth staining removal power. Where do I sign up?

Have you ever noticed just how much more attractive someone is when they have pearly white teeth versus someone who has dark or stained and discolored teeth? Stop wishing that you were that person and get the bright white teeth you’ve always wanted today. With Idol White’s current free package offer a teeth whitening pen treatment has never been so affordable. 

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