3 Popular Teeth Whitening Products

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Today we’re going to review 3 popular teeth whitening brands and try to find out which one is the best. We will look at the user reviews for each teeth whitener as well as the cost and the overall results. After all, in the end, we all want whiter teeth in the shortest amount of time and at the most affordable option.

One of the advantages of using a home teeth whitening system is it is usually cheaper versus getting a comparable whitening treatment at your local dentist. So let’s dive in and take a look at these 3 teeth whitening kits online.

1. Alta White

Alta WhiteThis teeth whitening system has no mouth trays to wear nor does it have any teeth strips to apply. Another benefit of Alta White is it claims to also reduce plaque. On the consumer health digest website, Alta White has a 4.5 rating out of 5 stars. If you are someone with discolored teeth and are ashamed to smile then the Alta White system might work for you.

It’s important to note that a teeth whitening product is no substitute for a visit to your dentist. First, you want to make sure that’s your teeth and gums are properly taken care of by a professional. One thing your dentist is likely to tell you is that the color of your teeth and how white they generally have no bearing on how healthy your teeth are. I know this sounds counter-intuitive but the fact is that someone can have white teeth and also unhealthy teeth at the same time. On the flip side someone else can have very yellow teeth but healthy gums and teeth. If you already have healthy teeth and gums but have dark or yellow color teeth then it may be time to try a teeth whitening kit.

white teethAlta White is sold for $59 and comes with free shipping. The product claims to have no side effects, is FDA-approved, and is easy to apply. Alta will whiten your teeth and also polish them at the same time. Alta White uses all natural ingredients and most are the same ones found in everyday toothpaste. The main difference here is a teeth whitening agent is included. Aluminum trihydroxide is the main active ingredient that will help to remove the stains and yellow color from your teeth. Regular toothpaste does not have this tooth whitening ingredient.

The other ingredients of Alta White are magnesium glycerin, propylparaben methylparaben, and peppermint flavor. One of the other advantages of Alta white teeth whitening is it claims to not harm the gums unlike some other teeth whitening products on the market. The way Alto White works is it comes with an applicator where you break off the tab and then apply the applicator powder from the jar. After this, you spread it over your teeth. You will want to cover all of the visible surfaces where you want the teeth whitening to occur.

You can read our full Alta White review here.

2. Bella Labs Teeth Whitener

toothbrush whitenerBella Labs Teeth Whitener claims to deliver professional teeth whitening results at home and is easy to apply. This Teeth Whitening Gels reviews, however, are not very good. On Amazon, for instance, Bella Labs is currently getting just a 1.5 out of 5 stars with 30 customer reviews. That tells me that this teeth whitener may not be worth your hard-earned dollars. Bella Labs does claim however that your teeth will brighten each day for the first 6 days while using their Whitener gel. So who is right? The company or the customers? I am going to have to side with the customers on this one. Let’s see if the next teeth whitener has any better ratings.

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3. Idol White

idol whiteIdol White is a teeth whitening pen so it is a little different than the other 2 teeth whiteners. The package comes with 2 pens and is designed to be used over a 30-day period. Idol White delivers a unique teeth whitening gel that claims to give you professional results. This whitener also claims to give you noticeably whiter teeth in as little as 6 days.

Idol White has a higher rating on Amazon over Bella labs with 3.5 stars out of 5. The active ingredients in Idol White are glycerin hydrogen, peroxide, carbomer, sodium hydroxide, EDTA, peppermint oil and sodium saccharin. It’s the combination of these ingredients that are supposed to deliver the whitening power for your teeth and they’re supposedly safe when used as directed.

Before applying Idol White you are going to want to brush your teeth to ensure the best penetration of the idol white gel formula. Believe it or not, Idol White is supposedly endorsed by Kim Kardashian and her sisters Khloe and Kourtney. Most reviewers are claiming positive results with the Idol White Teeth system although a few did report that their package contained leaking pens.

smile white teethThe current cost for Idol White is $39.95 for a one month supply but there is an option to order a two month supply for $79.95 and in return, you will get an extra box for free. So basically you’ll get a 3 month supply for the cost of two months. This is still not super cheap but that is a lot of teeth whitening power and likely a lot cheaper than your dentist. You can read our full Idol White review here.

There have been studies that have mentioned that white teeth are one of the most attractive features of the opposite sex so if you’re currently in the dating scene or just wanting to look good for your significant other then whitening your teeth could have a positive impact on your relationships as strange as that sounds.

So for the ultimate self-confidence boost, there is really no harm in whitening your teeth with a proven product if your dentist OKs it. Good luck with finding the perfect teeth whitener and happy smiles.

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